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1 Downloads Blvd
Index listing by category of the latest freeware and shareware programs. Find software for every imaginable application.
100 Top Software Sites
View this week's top 100 software sites arranged by our editors into comprehensive software guide and search engine.
100+ Software Links
Links to Windows software archives including shareware, freeware, trialware, demos, and commercialware.
1000 files - Software Catalog
Software catalog and archive with free downloads, comments, top 10 downloads at last week, more than 100 categories. Also a software search and list of authors. Support PAD.
Directory and search engine dedicated to freeware and shareware. Developers may submit files for free.
3D Updates Archive of Games
A listing of game add-ons, patches, program updates, utilities, and video drivers.
Ace Zones: Software
Directory of freeware, shareware, and trail versions. All are free to download.
Index listing of games, video clips, and images.
Ad-Pacific Software MarketPlace
A range of software including business, educational, leisure, games and utilities. Software
Multimedia site that offers a large selection of daily updated audio and video tools, including MP3 players, DVD rippers, and DivX tools.
Personal searching tool that searches the Internet. Enter search term and they will do the searching. Intelligent agent resources tips and tools on search agents, virtual personal assistants.
Alberts Ambry
Use their search engine to find the Amiga listings.
Any Downloads
Index listing categorized into categories covering business tools, games, graphics, information management, multimedia, programming, utilities, and a lot of others.
The place where you can get programs, games,and emulator that is available on the net. All together in one place and listed comprehensively.
Archive of shareware and freeware categorized into software categories with an on site search engine.
Christmas Software
Christmas software programs that include music, screen savers and games. - Downloads
Downloads shareware, freeware and Demo software for PC, Mac, Linux, and Handhelds categorized into categories, plus software reviews.
Cool Tool of the Day
Hundreds and hundreds of reviews of the best software on the Net.
Large reviewed selection of MP3, MPEG, DivX and DVD tools, encoders, players and rippers.
A small archive of shareware and freeware of mainly utilities for download.
Download Safari
Shareware, freeware, demos and trial software for download categorized into categories. Or search using the Quick Search form.
Information bank of freeware, shareware and demo software for download appropriate for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. All arranged in easy to navigate categories.
Downloads Central
Software archive has freeware and shareware downloads for free. Backgrounds are also included for download.
Downloads Top 20's pick of the 20 best software downloads sites on the Net today.
Educational Shareware
Ensure whenever you are downloading any type of software, that you are downloading it from a reputable web site and company. Listing of links for downloads.
Large listing of the latest shareware, freeware, games, Internet tools, and screen savers on the Internet with description.
Family Software Spot
A software directory, featuring games, education, multimedia, screen savers, Internet applications, and programs for download.
Free Downloads Center
A selection of freeware and shareware, categorized by topic - includes business, games, PDA and utilities.
Free Software for DOS
Extended reviews for free DOS programs, with download links sorry no games. Fully indexed and text mode friendly. Updated continuously since 1994.
Free Software Free Downloads LLC
Shareware, freeware, games, free Internet tools, screensavers and MP3 utilities, updated daily and fully searchable.
Free Software Freeware Downloads
Directory of free Windows 95/98/NT/2000 games, desktop wallpaper themes, fonts, screensavers, and mp3 players.
Freebie Fonts and Font Tutorials
Offers information about free downloadable fonts on the Internet and advice on how to find fonts and use fonts wisely. Also links to font sites and font tutorials on the Internet.
Freeware and Shareware
Freeware and shareware, education software from science, physics, mathematics, geography, chemistry and other fields.
Indexing of freeware and shareware games for Windows/DOS/Mac categorized into categories of game platform. May not support some browsers.
Games N Software
Freeware and shareware directory categorized in categories with descriptions and Authors link.
GottaGetEm Software Picks
Software picks lists highly recommended MS Windows freeware and shareware apps. Screen-shots Included.
Groundlayerz Free Downloads
Shareware, freeware and screensavers as well as many other sections such as MP3s.
i-MB Resources
Information and index listing for the professional designer, detailed information related to the graphics, CAD, authoring and modeling software available on the market.
INCOSE Tools Database Working Group
Lists of software tools of interest to Systems engineers. Listed by name, vendor and taxonomy.
A comprehensive listing of web publishing shareware/freeware tools and utilities downloads.
Source for popular freeware and shareware downloads. List includes FTP software, E-mail, search tools, Delphi components and report tools.
Just Say No to Microsoft
A listing of alternative products that will replace products made by Microsoft with a description.
Kellchest Harvard Software
Online listing of wide variety of business, graphic and home software programs.
Link Eye
Complete coverage and categorization of the most popular sites for freeware and shareware.
Long Live Classic
A resource for lovers of Mac OS 9.1 and under. Includes descriptions of software and some handy tips and tricks.
A comprehensive listing of online reviews for Mac software and hardware. Includes ratings and links to reviews from all major Mac publications.
Links to shareware and freeware games and applications downloads and game cheats.
Shareware and freeware audio, video, and CDR software for download along with daily news of VCD, DVD, DivX, MP3, and CD-Rs.
Listing of free instant downloads of digital recording applications and utilities. Start making music with your computer today.
A database of all the best freeware and shareware audio tools, utilities and programs, all reviewed with screenshots and up to date downloads.
My Download Place On The Web
Great place to find shareware and freeware to download.
My Web Space
Links to Shareware games and programs.
My World
Personal page of freeware and shareware games, programs, Webcam links, links to download mp3, wav and midi files and to the most popular sites on the web.
Personal website that has reviews and links to the newest freeware, shareware, and demos for Windows that incorporate utilities, games, and products to download.
Freeware and shareware download site organized by category.
Listing of retail products and applied development, major areas, ISAPI filters, ActiveX, Internet Explorer plug-in, system services and tools, Unix and Apache WEB programming.
A comprehensive directory of thousands of online software sites, peripherals, and computer companies presented in a friendly, intuitive environment.
Index listing catering to free and discount software for non-profit organizations.
NT Network Shareware
The Internet resource for the NT network professional, a large collection of shareware, freeware, tools and utilities for NT network manager and administrator.
Planet Starzip
Links to freeware and shareware games also play Shockwave games.
Freeware listings plus a separate large directory of freeware and shareware.
Private Software Archive
An up to date overview and links of the latest freeware, shareware, trialware, nagware, and others. Aimed at Windows NT and Windows 2000 users, most work very well for Windows 9x/ME. Site is only viewable in Internet Explorer.
A searchable freeware site with software organized by category.
Supplies a large source of shareware and freeware.
RISC OS software links
A collection of in-depth listing of links for RISC OS software programs on the Internet.
Rocket Download
Your better choice for downloading, reviews, descriptions, screenshots.
Sanjose Software Co.
Provides links to software freeware and shareware, tips, flash and JavaScript downloads. Best viewed with Microsoft IE.
Weekly reviews and links to graphics, desktop applications, multimedia, powertools and other programs for download.
Security Software Index
A searchable index of security related software, freeware, and shareware on the web.
Serious About Software
Information on software products available in the UK, quick to download and well organized. For all levels of home and business computer users.
Sheilsoft Computer Systems
Index listing of the top shareware sites on the Internet.
A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software covering MS-DOS, Windows 3.x/Me/98/95, DJGPP Compiler, and GNUish Project.
Soft Lookup
Shareware, freeware and evaluation software for download, containing more than 53000 software titles categorized in over 960 different categories.
India's Website for freeware and shareware. All the software is listed and organized in Categories with the latest versions.
SoftSeekers - Software Reference Library
A free reference library listing a wide range of software products submitted from developers of all sizes and applications.
Software @ Resource
A software resource for all your needs.
Software DB
Directory of 11,000 Windows freeware and shareware titles.
software download links
This site lists a large number of links to various software download sites such as ZDNet, TUCOWS, NoNags and others.
Software for Windows
A listing of favorite shareware, freeware, Anti-Virus utility programs for Networking, Internet, and Windows Systems, that run under Windows 95/98.
Software Light
Listing of shareware and freeware software available on the Internet, search thousands of reviewed rated and virus-scanned software files.
Software Portal
A large selection of categorized shareware/freeware downloadable software archive and a complete software portal.
Software Titles on the Web
Make a difference tell us about the best software titles on the web including freeware, shareware, and computer books. Build a free web store on the Internet, web hosting, and web promotions.
Comprehensive listing of software links to global Internet sites on the Internet. Browse by categories or countries and cities. Even personalize the page.
Searchable software archive for Windows.
Download shareware, freeware, and demoware for all of the major operating systems and handheld computers.
Software library of freeware, shareware, demo and beta programs, ftp site, with software news.
A searchable portal that includes daily updates to the latest shareware and freeware titles. Find software for mac, games, and the latest multimedia packages.
Download shareware, freeware games, as well as reviews, and online games and forums.
Streaming Media World
Tools to create streaming media with, comprehensive directory of tools that will connect you with the free and pay tools you need to make a streaming masterpiece.
Listing of freeware and shareware programs for Windows including games, programming tools, internet utilities, graphics and multimedia tools.
Bi-weekly reviews of the best programs and profiles of the authors. Links to the best freeware sites.
SunSteam Search
Directory of software, browse categories of anti virus, backup, communications, compression, databases, directories, editors, emulators, fonts, free downloads, and graphics.
System Workz
Private archive of shareware and freeware for download.
Taylor Made Software
Contains software downloads, screenshots and links for games, utilities, screen savers, and problem solving games.
The most recent technology news, reviews of the latest computer products, downloads of freeware and shareware, and latest software bugs, security leaks, and patches.
The 32 bit Download Center
Freeware, shareware and trialware on Microsoft Windows NT. Site includes the latest NT-related applications, questions and answers, Internet resources and news.
The Net Box
Large software archive with software for everyone. Developers also benefit by posting their software.
The Shareware Place
A large software library with many easy to search categories.
The Software Patch
Download patches, updates, service releases and upgrades for games, Windows, Office, Adobe, graphics tools, hardware drivers and other popular software.
The Software Site Directory
Small directory of shareware, and freeware sites, links, and downloads.
The Ultimate Macintosh
Links to software archives for Macintosh. A comprehensive list of Macintosh resources on the Internet, included in Macworld's Best of Mac Web Sites for two years running.
Source for Apple and Macintosh OS information, news and editorials; download software for Macintosh computers. Free email, chat, links, magazine articles, and related message forums.
THPFL Mega Site
Resource guide list of links to shareware, freeware and demos. Features games and game cheats, applications, emulators, roms, Mp3s, and webmaster tools.
A guide to small software applications for your PC.
10 of the best freeware and shareware/retail applications available.
Download the latest and newest Windows 95, 98, NT and component updates and patches.
Trillium University Software Annex
Software resources and download pages provided by Trillium University faculty and staff relating to art, music, physics, math, and the internet.
Specializing in shareware and freeware. Has mirror sites located throughout the world.
UK Mirror Service
Find software, images, sounds and other media. Funded for the UK Higher Education Community.
Offers freeware and shareware included are various compilers, scripts, editors, special effects, tutorials, and tools.
Freeware and shareware software archive arranged in categories for easy navigation.
Searchable database and categories of utilities and diagnostic software for your Windows or DOS based PC. All hand picked and easy to browse.
Downloads of just-released software tested and reviewed sorted in categories, product reviews of the latest hardware, software and games, advice, breaking IT news from the UK, Europe and US, with news analysis, news in audio, and news by topic.
Web Ware Index
Web programming resources, in the area of business cgi scripts, Website programming, web marketing software shopping carts, e-mail, misc web site utilities games and fun.
Webmaster Shareware & Freeware Download
Guide to downloads for the webmaster, arranged in categories then broken down into usage for easy navigation.
Welshware Freeware and Shareware
Download freeware and shareware utilities from Wales. [Win 95/98/ME/NT4/Win2K]
Glance through categories or use the searchable database for freeware and shareware downloads.
WinSite(tm) Archive!
The WinSite(tm) Shareware Archive. One of the first shareware archives on the internet.
Plenty of links to great software designed for the Windows platforms. There are links to shareware, freeware and evaluation software of all kinds.
X86 Downloads
Offers shareware, trials, demos, betas and free programs for the PC arranged in categories.
Download software from Buzz Online collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/ME/NT.
ZDNet Software Library
Download from the largest Internet collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, CE and Pocket PC.

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